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Welcome! I am a children’s librarian for a small children’s library in central Indiana. This is my children’s library blog! I will post book reviews, program ideas, and more!

I’ve been working in libraries since 2014, and decided early on that children’s librarianship is where I want to be forever! I started working in my current position three and a half years ago and BOY was I nervous. But it is honestly the most fun job in the world and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

The library I work in currently is a school/public hybrid. We are housed in the local elementary school, and each class visits once a week for 30 minutes of library time. We are also open to the public all day long, so people pop in to get books or play with toys as they see fit. We also run 3 story time programs per week for preschool aged children. It’s very busy but it keeps me on my toes!

I received my Master’s in Library Science (with a specialization in Youth Services) online from IUPUI in Indianapolis in December of 2019. Despite my formal education being finished, I continue to learn more about being a librarian every single day! Every day I see a cool new craft, or read a great new book or get inspiration from the things that my students are interested in. I am always looking for ways to be a better librarian!

If you have any questions about library school or librarianship in general, pleaseĀ contact me!