Story Hour: Fall 2019

It’s finally fall! And it even feels like it! From now until Christmas, it feels like every couple weeks I am doing a season/Holiday themes story time. I always do a general fall theme sometimes before Halloween, so this week was it!

I am up to 8 kiddos! We had a couple turn 4 this fall so I have a bigger group that I’ve had since August. I was thrilled!

We read two books about fall, because I planned two crafts so I wanted to make sure we had ample time for everything.

The books were:

  1. The Roll Away Pumpkin By Junia Wonders and Daniela Volpari
  2. Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

the roll away pumpkinfall mixed up

Both of these books are so cute but Fall Mixed Up is one of my all time favorites. It is full of a bunch of goofy mismatched fall things, for example “Apples turn orange, pumpkins turn red, leaves float up into blue skies overhead”. It reinforces the normality of fall experiences for the kids to say “no apples are red!” and so on. Some of them are a little goofier, but they are all good! My favorite page says that the neighbors gave them stuffing and turkey for Halloween. I always ask the kids if they’ve ever gotten mashed potatoes on Halloween and they all yell NO! It’s so much fun!

I found two crafts that I thought would be fun and fall-y so we did two today!

The first one was a leaf suncatcher craft! I used my Cricut Crafting Machine to cut out the outlines of the leaves, and then we stuck them to contact paper, then set it sticky side up. The kids were able to choose colors of tissue paper for their leaves, and stick them to the contact paper. Once they were all done, we put another layer of contact paper on top, sticky side down. We trimmed the excess, punched a hole and tied on the yarn! I held my example up to the window so they could see the light shining through, and after they were finished several of them went to the window to see theirs like that too. They are so precious. Here is a picture of my example:


And here are some pictures of the kiddos doing this craft:


After this craft we did a color mixing craft with pumpkins. Again, I had my Cricut cut out the pumpkins for me. That thing is amazing!

This is a no-mess craft and the kids had a lot of fun with it! You put the pumpkin in a plastic bag (I put a piece of paper under each pumpkin too so the paint would only be on one side of the bag), put a few dollops of paint on the pumpkin, seal the bag and boom! The kids can press on the bag and mix the paint around. It was perfect!

We put yellow and red and some orange on their pumpkins so they could mix it around. We talked briefly about how mixing yellow and red makes orange and then we proved it with our pumpkins!


Here are some photos of them doing the craft:

IMG_1910 (1)IMG_1911 (1)

The only thing that I didn’t love about this craft was that the paper was pretty stuck to the top of the bag where the paint was. On a few of them, removing the pumpkin ripped off some of the paint on their pumpkin, so that was a bummer!

Here are their finished projects!



Story Hour: Pumpkins

It’s finally fall! This program runs on Tuesdays, and since next Tuesday is the day before Halloween (and we will talk about Halloween!) I decided yesterday should be about pumpkins. I found the cutest pumpkin craft last fall but didn’t get a chance to use it, so we did it yesterday and their projects turned out SO cute. The craft took a little extra time, so I only read 2 books.

  1. Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli
  2. The Very Best Pumpkin by Mark Kimball Moulton

little boothe very best pumpkin

Both of these books were very good and also had some good information about pumpkins! Little Boo talked about how a seed grows into a pumpkin, but that information was wrapped up in a cute story about a pumpkin seed who wanted to be scary. The Very Best Pumpkin also had good information about growing a pumpkin (the season, conditions, etc) and also had a really solid theme about friendship. My kids really love funny books and these were a little more serious but they held their attention really well!

Before we read our stories, we sang our normal song to get the wiggles out, found in the Story Hour Overview post. In between the stories, we did a song found on Pinterest, with motions I made up.

“I’m a Little Pumpkin” (Tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little pumpkin, orange and round (arms to the side and wobble like you’re round)

I grow on a vine from a seed in the ground (hands together and move side to side and upwards in front of you like you’re a sprout growing)

When I get all grown up, give me a face (hands on either side of face and smile big)

Put me outside in a very safe place (Sit back down)

We did this twice before we moved on to the next story! It was a fun song and it let them move around a little in between books. I had another song that I had planned to sing, that was really a book, but we ran out of time. The book was The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin by Sonali Fry. I ordered it expecting to read it to my kiddos, but it was a tiny board book so I was going to sing the song, but then ran out of time. You can find the book here. It’s really cute!

The craft was a pumpkin patch thumbprint craft I found on Pinterest, and it ended up being so cute. The link is here, but it’s only a photo. I used my Cricut crafting machine to write at the top “(Name)’s ‘Thumpkin’ Patch” so that they would be personalized for each child. The adults especially thought that part was really sweet!

I gave them each the page with their name on it, and a green crayon. We remembered from the story that pumpkins grow on vines, so they were told to make lines like vines on their paper with green crayon. Once that was done, I demonstrated how to put your thumb into the paint lightly and put it down on the paper. Then they got to work!


After they were finished, I went through with a brown and green marker and made little stems and leaves with them. A grandma offered to help me with this and I totally let her. Some of these kids had a TON of pumpkins in their patch!

When they were all finished, they looked like this:


My example is provided also because I somehow didn’t get any more photos of finished ones!

After they had washed their hands, they were also given a blank pumpkin coloring sheet and I let them go to town. No rules! Color however you want! They love that. 🙂


Overall it was a great day! 🙂